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Finding a great value Leaflet & Flyer Distribution Service in Tyne and Wear & County Durham.

Our services starts from as little as £25 per 1,000 leaflets

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F&L Distribution highly professional door to door leaflet distribution service to Advertise your business to selected residential households.

Our Target

We specialise in highly targeted leaflet delivery and flyer distribution campaigns. We plan leaflet distribution campaigns that target the specific type of customer that is relevant to your business to maximise the return on your investment.

GPS Tracked

Once your distribution campaign has been completed we can supply detailed reports of your delivery. This includes dates zones were completed as well as the full GPS log for each zone.

About us

 We are specialists in door to door distribution of leaflets, magazines, newspapers, brochures, takeaway menus and any other marketing materials in Tyne and Wear & County Durham area.

Our services

We distribute to every residential and business premise within an agreed area. We guarantee completion of distribution within the agreed time-scale and provide a cost-effective, reliable, targeted and flexible door to door distribution service, with prices and delivery schedules to suit you.

We provide

Residential Door to Door

Let us promote your business, door to door to any Tyne and Wear or surrounding areas of your choice. This can be on either a Birtley or Low Fell.We cover most Gateshead areas and we deliver to the areas of your choice, not ours.

We provide

Video Tracking

This method is your leaflet delivered completely on it’s own to give maximum exposure. Unlike our competitors, our shared plan is your leaflet delivered with just ONE other. We don’t put three or four leaflets out together as the results just aren’t good enough.

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